Grammar books, dictionaries and other books relating to the Georgian language

Aronson, Howard Georgian - A Reading Grammar (Slavica, USA 1989) ISBN 0-89357-207-1

Aronson, Howard & Kiziria, Dodona Georgian Language and Culture - A continuing course (Slavic, USA 1999) ISBN 00-89357-278-0

Gamkrelidze, Thomas V. Alphabetic Writing and The Old Georgian Script (Tblisi State University, 1989)

Rayfield, Donald (Editor-in-chief) A Comprehensive Georgian-English Dictionary (Garnett Press, London 2006) ISBN 0-9535878-3-5

Gvarjaladze, T & I English-Georgian Dictionary ISBN 99928-28-07-02

Hewitt, George  Georgian - A learner's grammar (Routledge, London) ISBN 0415102731